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Analytics of VentiSwap
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Why VentiData?

The VentiSwap developers have created a detailed back end set of swap analytics for the flowing reason and purposes:
  • Swap Verifications
  • Debugging
  • DEX Swap listings
  • Marketing focus
  • Public disclosure of volume
So why let all this great data go to waste? We decided it should now and have created VentiData!

Sub Sections

Below shows the the VentiDats page with all its sections including:
  • Trending on VentiSwap - Shows what asset is currently be traded the most
  • Overview - Historical chart of number of swaps adjustable by Day, Month, Year, and All
  • Live Trades - Shows what is being traded by asset type, value, and network per swap
  • Analytics - Shows historical swap usage heat map by country
  • Statistics - Total Volume by Day, Month, and All Time (this will be showing more in the future)

Swap Listings

Swap analytics are needed to provide details like swap volume in order for VentiSwap to be listed on popular DEX tracking sites like the below. Just like tokens getting listed - so can swaps! This brings important new eyes and recognition of volume.
VentiSwap plans to list on the following sites, but limited to:
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