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Swap Tab

The default tab of the site
Click below for an overview of the entire page:
This page composes of the following sections:
  • Swap Frame - The heart of VentiSwap
  • Transaction Status Frame - For tracking live swaps or reviewing past swaps
  • Charts Frame - Live charts in miniature form
  • Assets Frame - Connected wallet assets
  • Crypto News - An aggregated collection of relevant news

Swap Sub Sections

Transaction Status
Crypto News
The Initial Swap frame looks like the below (shown without connected wallet and assets by the gray Continue button). See the link below for more instructions on how to use.
Swap Box initial
Warning: If the selected asset balance does not show - make sure you have the correct wallet, wallet address, and network selected!
Below shows the 2nd step of the swap process in its initial state.
Swap box step 2 initial
This is again the 2nd step, but with information filled and selected.
WARNING: Make sure to select the correct Receiving Network that matches the entered Receiving Wallet Address in this step. Choosing the wrong network may result in permeant lose as not all wallets are multichain!!! If you are not sure - reach out to a VentiSwap representative at​
This dialog will be empty when first viewing the swap. During and after a swap will yield more information as see below. See the link below for more information:
View and search for summary cryptocurrency charts while waiting for a swap to complete.
The Assets section shows current assets of the connected wallet.
Click the refresh arrows on the top right of the Assets section to manual refresh. This is also helpful when performing a swap as you can confirm sending and receiving of assets. NOTE: If recieving to a different wallet, this only works for sending assets.
Check out the latest crypto news and keep informed. Each article is linked to the full article from the source website.
Be careful not to exit the swap page during an active swap! Clicking these links should open another browser tab, but some may have browser settings that close the current tab when a new one opens. Navigating away from the swap page during an active swap will result in a cancelation of that swap.