VentiSwap Docs


The core of VentiSwap
The VentiSwap trading engine (VentiEngine) is comprised from a set of proprietary algorithms that enable access to existing liquidity pools from which the cross-chain swaps can be achieved. Binance’s liquidity pools are currently being utilized, but other liquidity pools can and will be added in the future for even more cross-chain swapping abilities!
This creates the advantage of using well established, secured, and strongly backed liquidity pools without the need of being required to register an account or use of custodial wallets that is usually reserved for larger CEX only.
Venitswap swaps you assets between your non-custodial wallets (Receiving wallet can be a CEX wallet if the user desires, which facilitates for fast and easy conversion to FIAT).
Cross-chain swaps are initiated via VentiSwap’s front end interface (VentiSwap App) and monitored by the VentiEngine to assure completion.
Once the swap is initiated through using the VentiSwap app – the source wallet funds are sent to one of VentiSwap’s input wallets depending on the type of token sent. The VentiEngine then initiates the conversion process by running the appropriate algorithm per the type of funds sent and available liquidity pools. Security is enforced via the Transaction Monitor and Process Monitors.
Additions of community / company provided liquidity pools are planned to be offered in the future via direct funding or the VentiPresale platform.