VentiSwap Docs

The Legitimate Way

VentiSwap believes in creating and building a platform that is innovative, but also legitimate. We have secured the help of multiple lawyer firms specializing in crypto, finance, and best of class business procedures. All aspects of VentiSwap and related products have been legally reviewed and suggestions implemented. Much like smart contracts and dapp software code should be audited by an accredited auditing firm (like Certik), so should serious crypto projects during creation and operating of the business like model. While laws pertaining to crypto projects are not as clear as stock and fund related entities, VentiSwap has spent time and co-founder funds to abide by all current laws and regulations. The goal is to provide its holders the best possible future in terms of potential regulation pitfalls and provide a solid answer to this every increasing question.
NOTICE: The VentiSwap Token (VST) is NOT a security! VentiSwap has obtained a non-security token memorandum letter from a renowned crypto and financial law firm.
As part of this initiative - VentiSwap submitted the VST Token and project for a security review and report. We are proud to state that we secured a non-security token letter after being reviewed under the guidelines of the Howey Test put forth by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
The non-security token memorandum also allows VentiSwap to be listed on even the most strict CEX.