VentiSwap Docs

Why VentiSwap?

For many reasons...
VentiSwap offers the best industry benefits to all its users. This makes VentiSwap stand out from the rest of our potential competition.

Key Arguments

Our forward-driven team aspired to create VentiSwap with these primary goals:
  • User convenience - Simple user interface
  • Easy access to popular blockchains - Many wallet connections to choose from
  • No Registration needed - Just connect to the VentiSwap and go
  • Non-Custodial Wallets - "Not your keys, Not your crypto"
  • Private transactions - Can not be traced via traditional block explorers
  • Faster transactions and optimized gas fees - Similar to a standard send transaction
  • Sending and Receiving Network Choice (Not just the native sending source asset's network)
  • Refund function for failed transactions (Refunds take place 24 hours after a failed transaction)
Using VentiSwap includes the following benefits detailed below.

Optimized Gas Fees

VentiSwap's reduced gas fees to be similar to a simple send fee, rather than a more costly typical swap fee. See her a diagram that compares the old way verses the VentiSwap's way. 3 manual transactions have been combined into a single swap transaction. Note that Wallet 2 can be the same as the source wallet (Wallet 1).
VentiSwap pays the gas to send assets back to you!
Advantage over using CEX for cross chain swaps

High Speed

VentiSwap’s core swap engine yields transaction times less than 15 minutes between non-custodial wallets (times also impacted by asset network congestion). Slow downs and waits related to bridges and wrapped tokens do not apply! And no HTLC to worry about either!


A powerful transaction authentication and verification system at the heart of the VentiEngine works to combat 3rd party malicious automated transaction systems (“bots”) to minimize network congestion to insure its users a fluid transaction environment.