VentiSwap Docs

What is VentiSwap

Brief overview of VentiSwap
VentiSwap is a True Non-Custodial, Cross-Chain DEX.
No bridges, P2P, HTLC, or intermediary tokens. VentiSwap's proprietary algorithm allows for true cross-chain swaps, while optimizing for low transaction fees of over 50 different tokens on over 40 networks, while protecting your privacy in a legally compliant way.

Video overview

Check out this video giving an overview and example swap:

VentiSwap's Main Features

VentiSwap is a DEX that processes and fulfills trades through our proprietary trading engine. Trades are executed and settled in a short time, with guaranteed liquidity, and without requiring bridging or the use of wrapped tokens.
Cross-Chain DEX with automatic refunds and private transactions
Swap Analytics
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The Problem

Global interest in cryptocurrency skyrocketed throughout the first half of 2021. Reminiscent of the enthusiasm of 2017, the global public has signaled their desire for a more equitable financial landscape a better access. Thankfully, the maturity of blockchain technology now presents willing participants with much more functional nuance than ever before. The promise of this growing functionality has lured many into this nascent industry with promises of financial freedom and inclusion. Nevertheless, both veteran and amateur industry participants still grapple with significant industry inefficiencies, increasing regulations, including the ability to easily convert assets across blockchains in a non-centralized way.
DEXs are without a doubt the fastest expanding area in the DeFi space and usually function on one blockchain only.