VentiSwap Docs

Executive Summary

VentiSwap’s objective is to create an open financial system for the world that simplifies cross-chain swapping, without the need for a CEX (Centralized Exchange). In the current era, the way that we invest, spend, save, and generally manage our money remains cumbersome, inaccessible, expensive to exchange, and regionally isolated. In contrast, the internet has transformed our society by connecting the world and enabling the seamless exchange of information. The legacy financial system is struggling to keep pace with the speed of technological advancements in a global and digitally interconnected society, resulting in the need for a new set of cryptocurrency tools like VentiSwap.
At VentiSwap, we are on the mission to provide users with a more flexible and high efficiency Non-Custodial, Cross-Chain DEX. A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) allows traders to swap assets in a marketplace where direct transactions can be made between the traders’ wallets. DEXs provide a method for processing financial transactions that are not officiated by banks, brokers, or payment processors. The purpose of VentiSwap is to allow users to trade on all supported blockchains in one swap using an advanced set of integrated Automated Market Makers (AMM) and a new kind of atomic swap. VentiSwap's swap feature follows a centralization philosophy to execute its functions, without the need for user registration or the need to hold your funds. This means the funds move from YOUR wallet to YOUR wallet, or even between different wallets.