VentiSwap Docs


Crypto Merchant Company
Currently in proof of concept testing.
VentiTech is aimed to give the World its first true crypto merchant company, giving real-world use case for crypto! VentiPay will act similiar to ApplePay and GooglePay in the sense of being an app downloaded that a user will need to link their crypto wallets to instead of credit or debit cards.
With VentiPay all a user will have to do is tap their phone at the merchant terminal, or scan a QR code, select the wallet/token they choose to pay from and click pay.
Transactions are instant and are auto converted into fiat for the merchant. No debit or credit card is required with VentiPay for it to work! VentiPay's engine is built on the same proprietary technology as VentiSwap and all other VentiTech products.
Last modified 4mo ago