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NFT Staking

VentiHeadz Staking Details
VentiHeadz NFTs are able to be staked for passive income. Click on the link below to view and use the VentiHeadz staking platform:

Feasible Rewards

The staking rewards were thought long and hard about. So many projects promise too much too fast to the point of damaging the project or not being able to deliver on their promise. The VentiHeadz rewards have been chosen to be both a rewarding value (based on the term) and to be sustainable.

No Gimmicks - Just Passive Income

Some projects created elaborate staking mechanics that are hard to follow or participate. The VentiHeadz staking contract is simple and easy to participate while safely complying with existing NFT legislature.

Staking Mechanics

  • Staking Term: 1 year
  • Once VentiHeadz NFTs are staked, they are locked and cannot be retrieved until end of term
  • Staking Rewards: 1,200 VST Tokens per 1 year term
  • Claimable Rewards: Every 3 months (300 VST are claimable - Note: Claiming rewards cost gas)
  • Maximum 5 VentiHeadz NFTs stakable per wallet address
VentiHeadz staking is one of the several ways that additional VST tokens will be slowly released over time, slowly increasing total supply available for trade on the network.
6% of the total VST supply has been deposited into the VentiHeadz NFT staking contract to fund staking rewards. This increases the percentage of total VST staked to almost 40%.