VentiSwap Docs

How to Buy and View

Minting a VentiHeadz NFT

How to Buy / Mint

Navigate your browser to the website below. This is the main page of VentiHeadz.
You will see these 4 buttons at the top of the page:
VeniHeadz dapp options
To Buy: Click MINT and follow the directions which will include connecting your Ethereum (ETH) wallet. Note that several steps may be required depending on your wallet.
If using a mobile device - Make sure to use the in wallet's in app browser! The connection will not work you risk danger to malware and imposter sites. This is the case when using ANY dapp, not just VentiHeadz.

How to View

To see your purchased Ventiheadz - use one of these methods below:
  • Use your in wallet browser to view - Note this varies depending on wallet manufacturer and if it has an NFT viewer.
  • Use a wallet veiwer like Zerion -​
  • View on Opensea - This may also require you to connect your wallet.

View the Collection

You can view the entire collection of minted VentiHeadz NFTs by clicking the Opensea button at the top of the VentiHeadz website page. Alternatively, you can click this link:​