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VentiHeadz NFTs

Utility NFTs
VentiHeadz (80's Edition) NFTs are the first NFTs created by VentiTech.
VentiHeadz NFTs
Click the above link to proceed to the Veniheadz NFT purchase website / dapp
There are only 5,000 VentiHeadz NFTs to be minted and all are 1-of-1's. There are 3 rare VentiHeadz NFTs (still to be minted). Whoever mints the rarest wins $25,000. Whoever mints the 2nd rarest wins $15,000 and whoever mints the 3rd rarest wins $10,000. Price to mint a VentiHeadz NFT is 0.1 ETH.

VentiHeadz Benefits

VentiHeadz NFTs are a utility NFT that also will offer holders benefits!
All holders of a VentiHeadz NFT will have full access to the suite of Cross-Chain platforms developed by VentiTech. NOTE: Wallet connection needed.
Holders are able to stake their VentiHeadz NFTs and earn VentiSwap Token (VST) rewards.
Holders will also receive a FREE t-shirt of their VentiHeadz NFT.
Holders will have access to a private chat community to interact with other VentiHeadz holders! (Coming soon).
Holders will have access to a private event held once a year for VentiHeadz holders! (Current place of interest to host the first ever VentiHeadz event is at the Catalina Island in California).
Holders will also receive a % kickback on all VentiHeadz merchandise sold! (Coming soon).