VentiSwap Docs

How to use VentiSwap

An example of the swap process
WARNING: Please make sure to disconnect other wallets from the VentiSwap app before continuing if previously used with another app. Multiple connections can cause errors in connection.
1. Let us assume you want to swap your ETH with XRP.
3. Connect your source wallet with the Connect button and choose your wallet of choice. Ensure you chosen wallet is set to the network and wallet from which you want. If using Wallet Connect, insure the proper network is selected on your chosen wallet’s interface. The connection will need to be disconnected and reconnected if the wrong network was initially chosen.
4. In the swap section – Select the source asset as ETH. Your Balance of ETH should now show at this point. If it does not, you may have selected an improper network (see previous step).
5. Enter the amount of ETH you want to swap. Please ensure to allow for the gas needed to initiate the swap. The initial fee is not included in the swap amount and must be present in your wallet (similar to a standard send transaction fee).
6. Select the receiving asset type, in this example XRP. The gray Continue button will turn to pink indicating ready to continue to the next step.
7. Enter Receiving Wallet address and select the Receiving Network. Take great care to ensure the wallet address is of a type that is valid for the selected Receiving Network. VentiSwap allows users to provide asset pegged and wrapped assets of one type, and swap to other supported networks as well. If the receiving asset supports or requires the Memo/Tag field – it will also appear. Select the XRP Ripple network for this example and fill out the Memo field as desired.
8. The gray Swap button should turn to Blue indicating you are ready to move to the next step.
9. After entering all relevant details, press the "Swap" button.
Do not disconnect from VentiSwap, or disconnect your wallet, or change wallet networks until the Transaction Status indicates "Withdrawal in Progress" or the swap will be canceled. This is a security feature. We suggest watching the transaction from start to finish. Note that the receiving asset can sometimes appear in the wallet before being confirmed in the Transaction Status section.
10. A popup from the source asset wallet will open, and you will be prompted to confirm the transaction. Take note of the gas fee to be used and insure adequate funds are available. Please note that additional popups and confirmations may or may not be needed depending on the brand and/or asset type of the source wallet. If using wallet connect from desktop to mobile - make sure check your mobile app for approval prompts.
11. Follow your swap transaction through its steps in the Transaction Status section. Each stage of the process can be seen here and watched in near real time. Details about asset types and associate fess can also be reviewed at this time. The Transaction hash can also be copied and searched on Etherscan to see the initial send. There "Transaction Status" is where you will also be able to see your receiving transaction hash.